The Annual  Pembrokeshire Bird Reports are now available on-line only and copies of reports for a number of years are available below.

Ad hoc reports produced in Pembrokeshire will also be available on this page - again listed below. 

All the reports listed below are best viewed as PDF Documents. Click on a report title to open the Google Documents version of the Report. Once open click on File, then Download and choose the option to open with Adobe Reader. The document will open (assuming you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer) as a PDF file which can then be saved to your computer for easy access.

Some of the reports are quite large documents so they may take some time to load. 

Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

Pembrokeshire Bird Report 2010

Pembrokeshire Bird Report 2011

Pembrokeshire Bird Report 2012

Pembrokeshire Bird Report 2013

Pembrokeshire Bird Report 2014

Pembrokeshire Bird Report 2015 

Pembrokeshire Bird Report 2016

Pembrokeshire Bird Report 2017

Pembrokeshire Bird Report 2018

Pembrokeshire Bird Report 2019 

For archived copies of past Pembrokeshire Bird Reports (back to 1981) please click here

The Pembrokeshire Bird List - A checklist of all the birds seen in Pembrokeshire


 Ad Hoc Reports

Pembrokeshire diary 2018 (bird conference talk)

Chough Surveillance 2017

Dartford Warbler report 2014

Introduction to Wader Identification

Dartford Warbler Survey 2014

Skokholm Report 2013

Orphean Warbler in St Brides

Gupton Farm Wintering Birds 2013

Gupton Breeding Birds 2013

Winter Turtle Dove 2013

Winter Birds Report 2011