Friday, 19 January 2018

Going Quackers again!

Following last winter’s very successful waterfowl ID event, another is being planned for Sunday 4th February 2018; as last year under the guidance of Lyndon Lomax.

 We’ll be meeting at the small car park at the Kilpaison (Rhoscrowther) end of Angle Bay at 10:00.   Map Reference SM897020

There have been quite a lot of interesting waterfowl in Angle Bay in recent weeks and so there should be lots of things to see. Hopefully it will be a great way to brush up on your waterfowl ID and no previous knowledge is expected. For those who wish to do so, our plan is to move eventually from the Angle/Kilpaison area to Bosherston where our day will end, so there will be a 'drive' between locations.

 For further details please contact Lyndon Lomax at - Phone 01437 721859 - email