Friday, 21 February 2014

Some "new" and recent ad-hoc reports/articles

Over time the Bird Group intends to publish various "ad-hoc" reports and articles relevant to birds and bird-watchers in the "Reports" section of the Blog-site.

Three such reports have been added today:
  1. An article by Peter and Rosemary Royle about their experiences when "the Orphean Warbler" turned up in their garden last November;
  2. An article by Lyndon Lomax, about  an "overwintering Turtle Dove" in St David's (remarkable perhaps considering how this species, a scarce summer passage migrant in Pembs, is sadly declining in Britain);
  3. A short report by Jane Hodges and Bob Haycock, providing summary results of a "winter coastal birds survey" conducted in February 2011 - a survey involving many volunteers.  
We would very much like to encourage folk to look at these, which are available as PDFs from the Reports page link above. Over time we hope to build up a growing archive of reports that can be browsed or downloaded from the Blog. 

If you have accounts of bird surveys or short articles on bird-related topics of potential interest that you have permission to publish and would like to share on the Blog-site then contact either Peter Royle or Bob Haycock.